I’ve just uploaded A Sixth Sense Of Forever to Amazon’s Kindle.  It will be available on Smashwords soon.  I’ll probably go ahead and publish it to Lulu and Scribd, although I’m not certain.   

My talented graphic designer/computer programmer hubby did the cover, and it has deep meaning for the novel.  I think it’s one of his best.   He’s working to format it for CreateSpace, so it should be available in paperback on Amazon soon.

After the Amazon paperback is out, I’ll upload the ebook to Lightningsource, the phenomenal ebook distribution service I’m now working with.  I hope to publish paperback versions with them soon, because they have a great network of retail partners for ebooks and paperbacks.  Unfortunately, there are some additional costs for publishing paperbacks through LS – namely, the purchase of ISBN numbers.  A block of 10 costs about $250-$300 and in today’s economy with a downsized household and an eldest about to start college – that expense will just have to wait. 

But the book is on the way, so keep your eyes open!  It is Boz’s story, and I think everyone who read Faerie and Golden wants to see how Boz handles his courtship.  Here’s a hint – The Duke of Sedgewick gets struck harder than Nial or Colt.  But then, he had it coming.  

Check out Sixth Sense  and let me know what you think!

UPDATE 08/09/2009 10:00 P.M. from angryoldfatman:

A Sixth Sense Forever is already available for purchase on Kindle, though the page is only partially updated (e.g., no description yet). I have linked to it from the book list page and changed all mentions of the title in this blog post to point to the book itself. The sidebar has also been updated.

Other links will be added to the list as Sixth Sense becomes available via the other sales channels Mary Anne mentioned.

Happy reading!